Types Of Towbars

While on-road any reason mechanical or structural can cause the failure of the vehicle to continue with the journey. The workshop is the first place that you would need in order to take the vehicle for further diagnosis. The only way to do so is to tow the car. It is possible if the vehicle is fitted with an appropriate towbar. The towbars Sydney come in a different styles and types. The popular and the most commonly used are the following:

  • Swan neck towbar
  • Flange towbar

These two are further classified into the fixed and the detachable ones.

 A fixed flange ball towbar is prefer by those who want efficiency in a reasonable price. It serves the purpose of towing all sorts of vehicles and the attachments especially the cycle carrying add on. It is a great choice because the user can tow both the vehicle and the attachment along with it. The bumper shields can be used along with this towbar. The towing height can be altered up to four holes/ the tow ball can be further used for mounting the electrics.

Fixed swan neck towbars started off the journey of success back in United Kingdom. Due to their extensive usage these towbars are now popular all over the world. Although it is not possible to tow the cycle attachment and the vehicle at the same time but still they are known for their stability. There is no need to make a change if you are planning to add stabilisers to the ideal tow bar. This towbar merges so well that the back of the vehicles looks neat without any extra body protruding out. The only problem is that the bumper cannot be fitted along with it.

The detachable swan neck towbar has a narrow neck and no heavy bolts.  The bolts are invisible. The detachable swan neck towbar is great for pulling the cycle carrier but it is hard to think of towing the vehicle and the cycle attachment in one go. The shins remain safe as the tow ball can be comfortably removed when the towbar is not in usage.  It is not hard to reach out for the boot. When the towbars is not in use the reversing sensor does not operate.

The detachable flange towbar allows the user to enjoy maximum benefits. It is a stylish and trendy option because it is helpful in upgrading the aesthetics of the vehicle. The bumper shield can be used easily with this kind of towbar. The multiple usage is possible that is towing the vehicle and dragging the cycle carrier.